Sunday, April 14, 2013

Yes. YOU.

Squeamish Warning!

Moon's Coming Out


Oi! Oi! Oi!

Welcome, Internet Traveler

...I'll be your guide.

So he says "Orange you glad I didn't say banana..."

Purebred Racing Snail

Google Search Term: "Pu Pu Platter"

Or It Could Be Bukkake...

I said, GOOD DAY!

The 12th Street Kind-of-Impolite Young Men

This Was My First Ever MYSPACE Post

...still makes me LMMFAO.

You're Terrible For Laughing

du, du hast, du hast mich


Did the nuts drop yet or what?

Relatively German, FUCK YEAH!

Might Be Worse Than Cancer AND Herpes AND The Silence Combined

The Edgy One

Tomorrow Is Monday


Flirting Technique #43

Oh stewardess! I speak jive.

How Exactly Does One "Choke The Chicken"?

I Have People-itis

Way Better

How'd Ya Get The Franks on Top of the Beans?

Scary Memories to Think in the Dark...

Uno Heinie

I Don't Know How To Tell You This



This is how you get caught

Who writes these?