Thursday, April 4, 2013

Live People

Or Ozzy Wouldn't Go On Stage That Night

Oh, roadies....

22 minutes until vacation

This is imminent, people:


Max Factor makeup pencil contraption for drawing on stocking seams.

15-year-old Mark Twain

One more hour until vacation

Fruit Ninja

God Save Us

Adele > Taylor Swift

My friend is pregnant and tall and is having a hard time finding maternity clothes.

About which she said this:

Now I know why Adele wanted to set fire to so many things.

Amen, sister.

Exercise is Important


I wasn't kissing her, I swear.

                                 I was whispering in her mouth.


Because MC Hammer Said So

The Surest Way to My Heart as a Teenager


Dat Kiss

The original:

The remix:

A Sucker I Am

This has been floating about for awhile but DAYUM.  This is just about the sweetest thing I ever heard, true or not.

Camels, Heads, and Grimace! OH MY!

Journey Writes The Songs The Whole World Sings

How To: Katch A Kardashian

IRL: Maleficent and her Dick in the Box

And By Ankles I Mean Nipples

I am automatic, supersonic, hypnotic, and funky fresh.

I shake it like Jell-O

Make the boys say hello

Cuz they know I'm rockin' the beat

I know you heard about a lot of great emcees

But they ain't got nothin' on me

Because I'm five foot two

I wanna dance with you

I'm sophisticated fun

I eat filet mignon

And I'm nice and young

Best believe I'm number one.

Pink Pajama, Pink Pajama Bottoms


Marlon Brando for your viewing pleasure.

Gentlemanly as SHIT.

Iphelia vs. Ursula

Oh, Mitt.

Why Isn't 'Murica on Celsius Yet?

I'd Professionally Climber

Four more hours until vacation

Hurry the EFF up!

I Oughta Take OKCupid Out To The Woodshed


Hi, Dad. Happy Birthday. I'm in jail.

19-year-old Lucille Ball

Not Good Either

...unless he eats a lot of pineapple.


What if you could hear boners?

                        Like a text message notification.

                                                         "DING! You've got wood!"

TP FOR MY -- well, you know the rest

Gramps Got Skillz

It's called a dance floor, and here's what it's for