Monday, March 25, 2013

My Job in an Interpretive Dance


YEAH. Did you?

Don't Blink. Not Even Once.

I Had The Dumbest Crush On Michelangelo

Kari Byron

Bustin' myths and shit.

Didja notice her lil crotchfriend?

Uhura, You Sexy Bitch

Thanks to Hex for pointing me in this direction.  This is gonna be fun!

Salma, oh, Salma

Art Skanks

We're BAD news.

Heard Today

This belongs to a comedian I heard briefly in someone else's car.  If you know who it is, post it in the comments.

Britney Spears' vagina looks like Bill Murray's mouth in Caddyshack.

Did I mention we were a planet of idiots?


Remember how she thought the name "Madison" was soooo clever?

TIL Gordon Ramsay Has a Midget Doppelganger Who Does Porn

And Sometimes the Internet is Wonderful

Happens To Me Twice a Week, At Least

This Song Is About ME

Clean As A Whistle

Check Two! CHECK TWO!

Sssssssssibilance, sssssssibilance....

Testing, testing...

Is this thing on?

Oh, hellooooooo, Univision.

Do What I Tell You

The Bible Has All The Answers

The Year For The Real Thing

Isn't it funny how a word seems to fall so far short covering the vast subject it is describing?

And "manfriend" just sounds ridiculous.

I'm Sorry Your Family Sucks

But mine is awesome.  Here's me and my sister this weekend:

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