Thursday, March 21, 2013

Doodling On the Phone

Isn't it just interesting what comes out of an unsupervised pen?

Daniel Day Lewis Gives Me A Ladyboner

THIS.  This right here is why Daniel Day Lewis can be as loony as he wants.  This is brilliant writing and even more brilliant acting.

Plainview:  You're not the chosen brother, Eli.  It was Paul who was chosen.  You see, he found me and told me about your land.  You're just a fool.

Eli Sunday:  Why are you talking about Paul?  Don't say this to me.

Plainview:  I did what your brother couldn't.  I broke you and I beat you.  It was Paul who told me about you.  He's the prophet.  He's the smart one.  He knew what was there and he found me to take it out of the ground, and you what the funny thing is?  Listen...listen...listen... I paid him ten thousand dollars cash in hand, just like that.  He has his own company now.  A prosperous little business.  Three wells producing.  Five thousand dollars a week.

[Eli cries.]

Plainview:  Stop crying, you sniveling ass!  Stop your nonsense.  You're just the afterbirth, Eli.

Eli Sunday:  No...

Plainview:  You slithered out of your mother's filth.

Eli Sunday:  No...

Plainview:  They should have put you in a glass jar on a mantlepiece.  Where were you when Paul was suckling at your mother's teat?  Where were you?  Who was nursing you, poor Eli?  One of Bandy's sows?  That land has been had.  Nothing you can do about it.  It's gone.  it's had.  You lose.

Eli Sunday:  If you would just take this lease, Daniel...

Plainview:  Drainage!  Drainage, Eli, you boy.  Drained dry.  I'm so sorry.  Here, if you have a milkshake and I have a milkshake, and I have a straw.  There it is, that's a straw, you see?  You watching?  And my straw reaches acrooooooooooss the room, and starts to drink your milkshake ..... I.... drink.... your.... milkshake.... [sucking sound]

Plainview:  I DRINK IT UP!!

Eli Sunday:  Don't bully me, Daniel!!

[Daniel roars and throws Eli across the room.]

A Portrait of Daniel Part III

The third video in my time lapse portrait painting series.  Thank you for watching!  Enjoy!

Music: "Ice Cream Man" by Frank Zappa and "Evolution Pop Song" by Christina Boykin