Monday, March 18, 2013

The Best Thing You Will See This Afternoon

(Danke schon to Hex for the link!)

Poking Soft Cotton-y Fun

Bambakophobia is the fear of thinking about or touching cotton.  Also known as sidonglobophobia.  

If you need support, there is a Facebook group for that.  

Immersion therapy is available via this Buddy the Elf gif.

But no matter what you do.....THEY ARE COMING FOR YOU.

Tying the Room Together

I May Live Under A Rock sorry if this is old.  I just discovered it and I think it's the cutest thing EVAR!

Truck YOU

TA-DA! The Aristocrats!

My Tits Are NOT Overreacting!

You Suave Little Bastard

A Portrait of Daniel Part II

The second video in my debut time lapse series "A Portrait of Daniel."  Thank you for watching!  Enjoy!

Music: Symphony No. 1 for Violin and Piano (Composer: Christina Boykin)