Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A Serious Post About Art, Invention and Creativity

I belong to a fantastic art network online called Le Refuse.  We have a little over 100 members and growing all the time.  We are all from different disciplines but I have never found a more generous, supportive, dedicated, talented group of artists.  Occasionally, they give me warm fuzzies by exhibiting these characteristics and it makes me post little happy word farts all over our page.  This one seemed to apply in general to all of us who make something from nothing and I wanted to share it with all eight of my readers.  (For whom I am eternally grateful.) 

Awaaaaay, we go:

Today two different people posed the corporate shill job vs. creating what I love question to me about their own situations. They are both talented bright decent people who would benefit greatly, I think, from chasing their dreams. Their hesitation made me appreciate my, and your, choice to carve our own niches that much more. Whether you create a little whenever you can or you've made it your entire life, you are making room for greatness when you conquer your fear and take on the awesome responsibility that is channeling the divine.

 We look fear in the face DAILY, you guys. Sometimes we might not be sure if the next stroke/click/line/note/choice is the right one. Sometimes we doubt ourselves and overthink our work until it is muddy mush. 

BUT we wake up and try again. We make conscious choices and take note of the reactions of the world to our existence. We ask questions and are keenly aware of what our next improvements will be.These lessons can't be bought or cajoled. These lessons are what everyone tries to teach their kids.

I am so proud of us in our journeys wherever we might be in them. I encourage you to take those leaps and kick fear in the nuts. I am in awe of how strong and resilient and loving you all are. 

If you're feeling even a little down or defeated or stuck or afraid, just remember that you've inspired ME. And I can't wait to see what you create next.  

And for consistency with the rest of my posting style, here's the latest in Wedding News:

Panorama Photo of a Man That Went Horribly Right

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Prison Flowers

Nana Weiner

You currently have all these things in your pocket right now

Mammy Cannons, FIRE!!

Mine actually have this capability.

I had no idea Tom Hardy was such a babe

Buncha Savages

I Milked My Sister's Cat

I have nipples, Greg.  Could you milk me?

Good-Crazy v. Bad-Crazy

In case you're not clear on the difference, this shit right here is BAD-CRAZY.

DO WANT: Forest bramble ceiling lamp