Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I Will, I Won't

I won't make you hold my purse while I try stuff on.
I will make you a sammich after sex sometimes.

I will not call you names when we fight.

I won't ask you if my clothing makes me look fat.
I will make you wear your seatbelt.

I will wear the jerseys of your teams.

I won't ever impose on your dad time.
I will manifest your daydreams.
I will give you bragging rights.

I won't blow smoke up your ass if you ask me to critique your art.
I will grant wishes.
I will make a big deal out of your birthday.

I won't disrespect or disrupt your creative process.

I will impress your family.

I will flirt with you like mad.

And I swear I won't be Peggy Bundy.

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