Monday, January 24, 2011

Am I Dead?

No, chickadees.  I am not dead.

I am, however, a single working mother with a douchcanoe for an ex, doing four jobs at the office for all the people they've furloughed or downsized, and a struggling entrepreneur.

That might sound negative but it's not.  I'm single and that's AWESOME.  I'm working and that's DOUBLE AWESOME.  My ex is a douchecanoe but that's why he's my ex.  And entrepreneur, struggling or not, is TRIPLE AWESOME!  I sold three Hard Cards over the weekend!  Get 'em while they're hot people!  Click here and get one of your very own today!  Only five bucks for snarky original art by yours truly!

So I've been very busy and with no internet at home, time is tight.  I have goodies in store for you my chickadees, so don't fret!  Here's a taste of things to come:

  • TUTORIAL:  How to Make a Zebra Cake for Your Boss Without Being a Suck-Up (And What the Hell is Zebra Cake?)
  • New Hard Cards!
  • TUTUORIAL:  How to Make A Vintage Button Bouquet for Your Sister's Wedding
  • The New Macho of the 21st Century (and Why the Old Macho Isn't Good For Anyone)
  • ...and MORE!