Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Advice I Thought Of Just Now.

Here is some advice you should listen to.  (Yeah, yeah, don't ever end a sentence with a preposition.  BAH!)  Also, maybe you should write this down.  Get a pen, I'll wait.

 .................................................................................Yes, FINE, a pencil is FINE. 

And away we go:

1.  Write shit down.  Even not-so-important shit.  Because one day that not-so-important shit could save your ass. 

2.  Give your money away.  Seriously.  Not so you starve, but if you have it and a friend needs it, give it.  Don't loan it.  A good friend with a good moral compass will return it to you somehow.

3.  Write a letter of commendation to a lowly cashier's boss.  Or bank teller.  Or bookseller.  Or anyone who has to deal with the public all day and probably doesn't get all that much inter-office hoopla.  It's easy and most bosses have email. 

4.  Always say thank you.  Even if you hate the person.  Even if you imagine ripping off their head and playing polo with it.  Even if you don't mean it.  Say it and make it sound sincere.  You'll be the bigger person and it gets easier each time.  The point is gratitude.  Walk around feeling grateful.  You'll be in a good mood all day.  Which brings me to my final piece of advice:

5.  Spread love.  Not herpes.  Not hate.  Not peanut butter.  Spread love.  Just say, "I love you."  It helps.  You may not ever know.  Someone said it to me once.  Saved my butt.

You're getting advice from a blog called Psychodoodles.  Either you're insane or totally on point. 
(I think it's the latter.)

P.S. I love you.  (And not like that crappy movie.)