Monday, January 10, 2011

Please allow myself to introduce...myself.


     *crickets chirping*


     *echoes and crickets chirping*

Okay then.  Talkin' to mah-self.  Dum dum de dum. 

     *takes off socks and puts them on hands*

RIGHT SOCK:  Hello, Baby Hands.
LEFT SOCK:  Howdy-do, Old Man Stumps.  What's the haps?
OLD MAN STUMPS:  Oh nothing much, just working on these blueprints.
BABY HANDS:  Blueprints, eh?  What fer?
OLD MAN STUMPS:  Mah blog.
BABY HANDS:  They got creams for that.

Thank you for reading my very first post.  I hope you enjoy the ever-changing crazy cave I plan to build.  Stay tuned for more.  Oh.  And I love you.  I really really love you.