Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Why I Am A Cunt

I love how people, especially men, like to throw the c-word around like it's the biggest gun in their arsenal.  I know some women don't like the word and maybe to them, it IS the biggest gun to be shot with. 

Pictured:  A highly disturbing and oft-repeated misuse of the c-word.

I personally like the word and associate positive connotations with it.  Other words used as weapons that I take positively:
  • bitch
  • whore
  • man-hater
  • femi-nazi
  • battle axe
  • dragonlady
  • harpy
  • slut
  • tramp
  • ...and many others!

The worst name to call, the dirtiest thing to censor, the hush-hush body part we don't speak about...
and the source of all life on this planet.

Why do I take these words with a gracious smile?

Because the people who use them as weapons are threatened by my success and confidence, as well as the success and confidence of all women who won't take shit anymore. 

What not-taking-your-shit-anymore looks like.

I am not a meek doormat. 

I am not rouging my cheeks hoping for a bacon-homecoming by some paunchy self-entitled penis. 

"For that 'natural' look men look for...Seventeen." 
Start early, ladies. 

I am not looking for the approval and acceptance of my fellow women. 

For all these reasons, I am scary and threatening and larger than life.
Me.  Not giving a shit what you think.

Why is lil' ol' me so scary?

Because I know what I want.  I will accept nothing less than what I want.  I am a strong person, with a good heart.  I am a good mother, a good friend and a good citizen.  There is nothing wrong with me. 

There is no reason I shouldn't want, have or aim for anything I desire. 

So I'm a cunt for it.  A big, radiant, smiling, successful, happy cunt.  If I'm being called a cunt, then I know I'm on the right path.

Tee-hee!  Suckers.

(P.S. An excellent book on this subject, and one that helped change my own perception of the c-word years ago is "Cunt" by Inga Muscio.  I HIGHLY recommend you purchase several copies and leave them in buses, doctor's offices and gym locker rooms.  As well as reading it yourself!)

"Cunt" by Inga Muscio
Changed my life.


Ananda said...

EXCELLENT Book! I really do Love that book, one of my favorites of all time.

Nice post!

My friend Jenn was telling me about a conversation with Otep that she had that involved a discussion regarding the fact that the term pussy to refer to someone who is scared or weak is utterly recockulous - because technically - a "pussy" gives birth, bleeds monthly and is resilient to trauma.... how many men can say that shit about their testicles?


So the next time someone says - why dont you grow a pair.... or get some balls - I'd tell them no thanks, I have a vagina

Vagina trumps balls!

Christina Boykin said...

@Ananda: EXCELLENT point! Balls are so delicate and fragile. Seriously, you could pop one just by sitting down. Now, vagina? There's the toughest material known to man! Now if only we could make earthquake-resilient building materials that emulate vaginal qualities....Quick! Someone send word to Haiti!

Electric Burrito said...

There's a very, very good chance that the monologue I got for the Vagina Monologues is "Reclaiming Cunt". If I did get it, I will be dedicating it to you.

Anitra said...

I've always fancied 'trollop' personally, but I'll be the first to drop the c-bomb if it's fancy enough an occasion for it :)
PS. I saw you the night that pic was taken. Sexy bitch!

Anonymous said...

Why would anyone be jealous of you... Feminists are so adorable. Its like their men but their opinions don't actually matter.

Christina Boykin said...

For a perfect example of just how threatening female empowerment is, see the previous comment by "Anonymous". Thanks for proving my point, douchenozzle! Cheers! :)

Anonymous said...

there is nothing empowering about trying to overcompensate your self confidence because you feel that you need to stand up and lead the way for the rest of your sex. it actually makes you apear to be an immature child throwing a temper tantrum. We live in a patriarchal society, deal with it :)

Brett J. Mann said...

i would have taken this rant a bit more seriously if you didn't put a picture after every sentence. that preschool education is working wonders for your writing skills. because of how poorly this was executed it leads me to believe that your just another pissed off child without an education. maybe you'll prove me wrong but with the word douchenozzle being a part of your vocabulary i doubt it. here's to hope.

Gregg.. I mean Linda! said...

Wow. All that bravado and braggadocio. It's OK honey, you needn't be so terrified. Are men really that scary? You kind of remind me of Canada; Canadians are perennially defending their national image as it compares to the states, convinced that the US collectively thinks of itself as "better" than Canada, when the sad truth is that Americans rarely even think about Canada. But hey, if tilting at windmills makes you feel more secure, who am I to judge?;-) Pleeaasse don't stop though, you're hysterical! (and I'll bet just a little overweight) Have an empowered day, and go get 'em tiger! Oh, and anonymous is right about one thing (though it's not how to spell "they're") you are ADORABLE! Please quip soon, I am looking forward to your fear-fueled, over-compensating, self-aggrandizing (can't think of any more hyphenates that fit) rant with bated breath. Quick question: Are you the one in every room whose voice is always a few decibels louder than everyone elses? Thought so.

Gregg.. I mean Linda! said...

I DARE you to post that, you big, beautiful, obnoxious thing! Bet you don't have the labes! :-) ~G

Anonymous said...

I couldn't figure out why you were so pissed off, then I saw your picture and now I get it. Did someone not get invited to prom? Men are bad!

Gregg said...

Yeah, I thought so. I knew you didn't have the labes to post my comment. That's cool, we both know I win either way. It's not important to me that anyone else know what a coward you are, you and I know it, don't we? So much much for female empowerment! Have a great day! ;-)

Anonymous said...

is this post about vaginas?

Anonymous said...

Man. Bring up the idea of empowering women and the shitbags come crawling out of the woodworks to tell you how wrong you are about it.

I love how half the "arguments" against it are pure ad hominem- when you don't have the wherewithall to attack an argument, you just attack the poster. How clever. And new, did I mention new? You're the most original special fucking snowflakes I ever did meet on the internet.

And Brett? I nominate you for a Douchenozzle of the Year award for your portrayal of Smug Educated White Guy Who Talks Down To People Because His Erectile Dysfunction Hurts His Feelings. Bravo, fuckwad. Your snubbing of words like "douchenozzle" puts you light years above the rest of us. We'll struggle to catch up. Really.

Gregg probably won't read this as he, by his own estimation, has won and is off celebrating his superiority over feminism by latently hating women because none of them will talk to him without a prior monetary exchange. Funny- I'm a criminology student and I'm pretty sure I've heard serial killers make some of the exact same statements. Granted, they were the necrophiles who couldn't stand up to a woman unless she was dead first, which says a lot, but I'm digressing.

Anyway. I have stuff to do. Like "deal" with our patriarchal society. By telling shitbags like the lot of you where to shove it. Should I ever encounter an individual that sounds enough like any of you in person, I'll be sure to slap the taste out of their mouths twice just for good measure.

A Cunt.

Anonymous said...

the word cunt isnt just an insult but what ever ther fuck you want it to be. and these days a lot of women have more balls than half the guys i know. so stop your bitching and harden the fuck up cunts.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I am not a sexist and respect women to the fullest but this post is so pathetic all you talk about is how confident you are and how you won't take shit from guys anymore. Congratu-fuckin-lations! You're really ahead of other women. Nothing in this post is informativ or helpful in any way all it is a cry for help.A woman who has to bash and stereotype men to boost her own confidence is ridiculous...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

ok wait a sec... take a chill pill. we live in a patriarchal society, and that is by no estimations a good thing. but there are better ways to solve that problem than going on some internet rant about it. calling people "fuckwad", and serial killer, does that really make you a whole lot better than them?